English Language Learning

Perfect your pronunciation

If you want to perfect your English, are tired of the stumbling blocks in pronunciation or need a little refresher this course is a perfect fit for you. 

Learn how to improve your English pronunciation, speak naturally and freely and gain the skills you need to communicate effectively with anyone.

Idioms, Metaphors & Similes

Discover the main differences between idioms, metaphors and similes, and explore some useful British idioms that can be added to your every day language to make you sound like a native speaker. 

Improve your casual conversation

Discover the relevance of synonyms and antonyms in the English language - a vital ingredient to ensuring your every day speech doesn't become dull.

Adopt the culture

Slang is a big part of every day British communication, and with many different regions and dialects it's easy to get a little lost in translation.

Explore the common slang terms that you can easily add to your every day conversation whilst discovering both the origins of those terms and where best to use them within the UK.

Expressing yourself in the world of business

No matter what sector you are working in, being a confident communicator will certainly allow your voice to be heard.

Develop the confidence to speak with clarity, use particular vocabulary that will impress and know how to adapt your tone to your audience. 


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