Get ahead in business

Communicate yourself effectively

Communicating assertively is an excellent attribute to have in the world of business, especially such for those in leadership and management roles; well-respected positions where your team will look to you for guidance. Communicating and acting assertively is an interpersonal skill that helps people to maintain healthy relationships, resolve interpersonal conflict, and all the while preventing your needs from being stifled or repressed.

Agile Workflows

It’s one of the most popular approaches to project management in recent years.

With its ease of implementation and desire to involve all team players, it's clear to see why the framework is being adopted across many different industries.

How to get to where you want to be

Customer loyalty is highly dependent on the values and intentions of a brand, just as much as employee loyalty is highly dependent on the values of the company and leaders they work for. 

The best starting point for those company values to develop are within both your mission statement and vision statement. These statements are the core to your company ethos: They explain precisely what you strive to achieve, what you believe, and your long-term aspirations. 

The fundamental skills that make an excellent leader

Being a leader gives you a huge opportunity to help others be successful, to satisfy your own career goals and, above all, to make a difference in the workplace. Leadership can be a daunting task but this course is designed to help you draw upon existing qualities to help you become an excellent leader. Discover how to become better respected in the workplace, whatever the industry.

Discover your career happiness

Learn how to put yourself at the forefront of your own success. Whether you're just starting out in your career, struggling to find a role that suits you, or even want to seek ways to improve your career path - this course is for you. 

Career planning is an essential tool to help you flourish as you navigate the world of business. It's a win for both employers and employees - it will help you to focus on your own needs for growth, and feel confident in seeking a career that will align with those growth values. 

Marketing your business

The world of marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, with the introduction of digital marketing regularly introducing new channels and services - increasing the opportunities you have for business exposure and customer engagement.

It's a difficult world to navigate even for the most experienced marketers. This course is the perfect introduction and overview to digital marketing. 

Delivering an outstanding customer experience

The fundamentals of good customer service never change - be convenient, competent and consistent.
This course will cover the skills and qualities needed to meet each of the core fundamentals, leaving you with the ability to exceed customer expectations every time. In the digital age, competitors are becoming more futile whatever the industry; so it’s important your customer service skills stand out from the rest.

Discover the secrets of highly successful salespeople

Success in sales may not be easy, but it does come with some major benefits. Being persistent, having great listening skills, knowing your product and your customer are all ways you can be a more informed salesperson who understands their strengths and uses them to seal the deal.

Stay safe online

With topics ranging from protecting yourself on social media through to the best practices for keeping company data secure, you’ll find step by step guides to help you build an excellent understanding of data breaches, malware, social engineering and much more.


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